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Mo Collins:

""Growing up in Minnesota as a shy child, drawing pretty pictures was my “quiet” way of expressing myself to the outside world. Sheepishly seeking response to my inner self through everything from State Fair Art competitions to “Draw Tippy” from the old Highlights magazines found at the dentists office. I always believed their was a “true artist” lurking in me and she wanted OUT and into the world. 

In my teens a man, a teacher, named Ertwin Marvin Jones-Hermerding (Ert) saw something too. It wasnʼt one of my pretty pictures, however. He drew me out of my shell and up onto stage where I began my journey as an improvisational actress and comedian. Iʼd like to say I never looked back, but that would be a lie.

During the many years that followed, I still ventured back into the studio. Came and went from painting. Yet, it somehow felt like “pretend”. I didnʼt see myself as a legitimate artist, no matter the amount of paint I got on my walls, and how much my pores smelled like linseed oil. I was playing a “role”. One that I loved. 

Somewhere in my 40ʼs it became more real. I started to see my work greatly improving. My techniques were evolving and more than anything else, I LIKED MY PAINTINGS! Not an easy feat for me to like my work. trust me.

I primarily work with oils because color turns me on. I thrill at moving the color around the canvas. Mixing colors. Sometimes swiftly. Other times very, very, very, very slowly. (I do acrylic pieces as well...because sometimes thatʼs all I have. And when I have to 
paint ...I have to paint.)

Lines in a painting can mean the world to me. (I have cried upon seeing the simplest of lines laid out by Matisse. True story) They speak directly to the very aesthetic of that which my soul requires. (Very heavy, I know) I will repeat themes over and over and over because I want to see certain lines played out (with variation) again and again and again. I somehow believe they are building blocks to the ultimate painting of that very 
image. Some day....some day.... (I did a lot of repeating in this paragraph. Why for??)

My painting became therapy to me after my “stint” with a real son-of-a-bitch known as cancer. (Note: I did not use a capitol C for the bastard) One beautiful thing about painting (and there are OH so many) is that when I work (or play, rather) I cannot think about anything in the world other than what is transpiring between me and the canvas. 
Iʼve tried. It does not work. (Like most, I still am accessing only 10 percent of my brainʼs capability. Perhaps less.) cancer canʼt get me when I paint. (Again, even though I it was a new sentence begun with the c word, I did NOT capitalize. It means that little to me...)

I love being an Artist. I have carried my artistic eye into all kinds of crazy life adventures, and am laying down my impressions on canvas these days. As you will see, there are many characters or “Heads”. Interesting that Iʼve gone from being a character actress to character painter. From doing impressions of Cher, to doing impressions of “the voices in oneʼs head”.

I hope you enjoy what you see. Feel free to email with any 
questions. I LOVE to talk about Art! I also will do commissions. Bring me your thoughts, your ideas, your comments. I welcome them all. Even the bad ones. Believe me, after 20 years in the entertainment biz, I KNOW rejection...and can brush off that which is not useful to me and carry on. Email me for sales! I like to personalize all my sales as much as possible so we can communicate what sort of transaction works best for you. 

Thanks for coming by! - Mo"" 

Contact Mo about her art:

"Mo has created a uniquely intoxicating world that brilliantly breaks the rules to distill a refreshing view of reality. She makes subtlety complex and the complex subtle. The moment I saw them in person, was the moment I realized the meticulous craftsmanship that is her artwork. Moʼs artwork continually delivers mystery, humor, and a friendly emotional depth. Life is full of a constant flow of swimming emotions, and Moʼs art manages to capture them in a single moment in time." -  Mark Lowe ( Artist/Entrepreneur - )


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